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The first version of UserBit was launched in Feb 2019 from a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, UserBit has provided structure to user research for 100s of companies around the world. Our goal is to make it easy to extract insights from qualitative data so that research becomes an integral part of every product team's workflow.

UserBit is completely bootstrapped and profitable. We're in it for the long haul!

Our promise to you

Akshay Anand

In my career, I've worked with UX teams at companies of all sizes. My teams (just like yours), often struggled with the same research pain-points:

  • How do we organize research data and deliverables?
  • How do we apply research methods across multiple data sources to see the big picture?
  • How do we share our findings with our stakeholders and teammates?

To solve for the above, you either have to piece together a number of generic services, or deal with overly complicated academic tools. Even if you do endup finding something promising, it turns out to be prohibitively expensive.

You deserve better.

You deserve a platform that is specifically made to cater to UX research workflow. You deserve a product where the value you get back is many folds the cost. And above all, you deserve a dedicated team that speaks your language and understands your needs. You deserve UserBit.

As UserBit's founder, it is my promise to you that I will work hard everyday to make sure it meets all your expectations and more. UserBit is not just a job for me, it's my mission and I plan on running it for many years. This is why UserBit is completely bootstrapped — we have no debt and only one boss that sets product direction - You.

If you have any concerns or questions about UserBit, email me anytime at akshay@userbitapp.com.

Akshay Anand
Founder, UserBit


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