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Manage participants & interviews, user feedback, media files, and observation notes in one place.

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Full-text search

Full-text search across your project. Quickly search for key terms within user responses or notes.

Analyze survey data

Upload, organize and analyze large CSV files from your surveys with ease.

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Manage interviews

Organize stakeholders and users, prepare questions, capture responses, feedback and observations.

Organize notes & media files

Upload and organize audio, video and other research documents. Create rich formatted notes together with your teammates.

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Real-time team collaboration

UserBit keeps you in-sync so changes made by a teammate can be observed in real-time.

Not only does UserBit help me stay organized, it also allows me to track key insights and synthesize data! It saves me so much time (and stress) and allows me to focus on the work at hand.
Emily Kern
UI/UX Designer, Phunware, Inc

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