Qualitative Analysis

Extract meaning out of your research data with intuitive features like tagging, word-clouds and affinity diagrams.

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Single & Cross-case Analysis

Leverage automatically generated wordclouds to analyze all responses to a question, or all responses from an individual.

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Tag & code text

Tag notes, responses and users to quickly organize pain points and feature requests.

Create affinity diagrams

Leverage affinity diagrams to discover pattern and extract qualitative information from the responses.

Important phrases can be highlighted and tagged into clusters
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Intuitive Analytics

Filter by user segments and generate informative charts depicting feature priorities and pain points.

Export Findings

Easily export your synthesis into familiar file formats.

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Not only does UserBit help me stay organized, it also allows me to track key insights and synthesize data! It saves me so much time (and stress) and allows me to focus on the work at hand.
Emily Kern
UI/UX Designer, Phunware, Inc

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